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Boards, Magnets & Presentation

Boards, Magnets & Presentation

Not only do we have every kind of board you could ever need, we also have the accessories to go with them! Everyone loves a good accessory or two. Don’t forget wireless presenters, magnets, and cleaners! Perhaps you will find that you’ve been missing lapboards, cables, and microphones. Bring your business or classroom, or even a home, into the new century where options are expanded and custom boards are always available!

Are you looking for on-the-go boards? How about on-the-wall boards? Maybe you need an easel, banner, or display board! Make announcements by pinning them up! Or, make an announcement loud and clear through speakers! Project your presentation. Or, project your voice! Stand tall at the podium. Or, leave a banner to fly solo. Spotlight the banners, bulletin boards, and podiums! Create painted write-on surfaces for easy writing anywhere! Close your boards behind classy looking cabinets. Choose from pin ups, or calendars, or old-school chalkboards. Interact with your presentations! Or, lock them up to be seen but not touched. Roll displays away, mount them up, or leave them hanging. We have it all for you.::

From a classroom to a boardroom, we have the presentation option for you. For private planning and super secret game plans, we have your privacy covered! Click around and see what options lie around waiting for you. Whiteboards and chalkboards of all sizes are here! Magnetic whiteboards, boards with wheels, and projection screens are all available for you to find! It’s all here to show you what you’ve been missing!rn
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