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Whiteboard Information & Resources

Whiteboards are growing more and more popular in classrooms and offices, and the need for information resources also grows. With our experience installing Whiteboards and being a leading supplier of Whiteboards, Brite Hotel Products is proud to share our in depth, product knowledge with our customers. We start here with the basic topics, including how to clean and maintain and how to choose the a Whiteboard's surface. We have also included featured Whiteboards that will fit any budget and any enviroment from the home to office.

Brite Hotel Products is a leading online supplier of Whiteboards, offering our customers quality Whiteboards for over 10 years. We have put together this online resource of Whiteboards information so that our customers can research our products using our vast product knowledge to find the ideal Whiteboard for their needs.

Whiteboard Resources

Brite Hotel Products supplies our customers with quality products at competive prices. We also share the product information that our manufacturers has made available to our knowledgeable customer service team. Here is an archive of informative articles on Whiteboards that we have created in order to assist our customers in finding the right Whiteboard for their budget and needs.

- Whiteboards: Cleaning & Maintenance - Choosing a Whiteboard's Surface
- What are Whiteboards Made Of? - History of Whiteboards

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