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Classroom Carts & Multimedia Carts

Classroom Carts & Multimedia Carts

Don't worry about carrying a load on your shoulders or in your arms on your own. Unburden yourself with Mobile Carts for every job and industry.

Teacher Carts and Book Carts make great mobile companions for schools and libraries. Teaching Easels with whiteboards attached make it easy to do one-on-one lessons or teach while children sit in a circle on the floor. Storage buckets on these school carts keep all of your Art Supplies and Toys organized. Nurture a love of reading in small children by using book carts and bringing the adventures to them. It's easy to allow for a wide selection of books when you aren't forced to carry them all on your own!

Technical equipment, like projectors, computers, and audio visual material can be bulky and sensitive. Don't try to carry it all on your own or leave it out in the open overnight. Now you can securely store it in locking Tech Equipment Carts and move from auditorium to classroom easily. Stock up on Audio Visual Equipment and the Projector Carts, Laptop Carts, and other Multimedia Storage Carts all in one place!

If you sit in an office all day with limited mobility needs, there is still a Cart for you. Storage Carts and File Carts make it easy to wheel files around and get Mail from mailrooms to desks.

Mobility is key in any industry. Open yourself up to the possibilities and unburdening that Mobile Carts will bring to your job.

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