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Preschool Furniture & Equipment

Preschool Furniture & Equipment

Preschool furniture and preschool equipment caters to your specific early childhood classroom needs. From teacher carts for any age classroom, to early classroom furniture and early childhood toys, U.S Markerboard rounds out your classroom needs nicely.

Teacher Carts can be used at any stage for all classrooms. If you need to move between classrooms and could use some added storage and helping hands, a teacher cart or teacher trolley will carry the weight. There are easels on wheels, book benches, book carts, and utility carts to put books on and other classroom necessities. Never be left without a pen or paper again when you have a teacher cart with drawers and storage space!

Early Childhood Classroom Furniture is smaller and perfectly fit for the growing child. Choose from art drying racks, cubbies for children, early childhood lockers, early childhood bookcases, storage for young classrooms, and step stools for portable sinks. Your classroom will be up and running in no time with all the basics covered!

Early Childhood Tables include changing tables for children in diapers, computer workstations for small children, and sensory tables, or simple seating for small children. Early childhood seating includes necessities like rockers, bean bag chairs, and baby seats, like high chairs and booster seats.

Nap time can be one of the quietest and best parts of an early childhood classroom's day. Make sure your students are sleeping soundly and comfortably on germ-free Rest Mats or Cots for toddlers.

Expand children's minds with Play Rugs, riding toys for small children, balance beams, blocks, and dramatic play toys, like kitchen sets and castles. Lessons become fun play time when you use Educational Toys!

Take children out of the classroom and into nature safely with buggies for preschools and strollers! This collection of preschool equipment covers all of your bases! Choose what's best for you and your students!

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