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U.S Markerboard offers several varieties of Furniture, from tables of all kinds to room dividers and room partitions.

Not all tables will work for every situation, so U.S Markerboard offers several specific Tables for your individual needs. Science Tables are great chemical experiment tables or art tables. Activity Tables allow for hands-on activities for all ages. Folding Tables take up minimal space and can be stored when not in use. Cafeteria Tables are a great place to eat and include seating on most models. Changing Tables fit in well at hospitals or daycare centers for quick and safe diaper and clothing changes. Conference Tables take the level of serious business up a notch and will make any room look more professional.

Desks can be found in every industry. Instructor's Science Lab Workstations fit in the science classroom or a professional lab. Chair Desks accommodate small classrooms and are neatly put together for less scattered seating plans. Circulation Desks alert everyone passing through a library or front rotunda where to go for information. Student Desks of all varieties help students stay neat and focused in the classroom. Study Carrels for libraries or other study hall areas keep students focused on their own work and give some privacy when it comes to test time. Teacher Desks leave a classroom professor with plenty of storage space and work surface.

If you're looking for more specific furniture for industrial or vocational use, you've come to the right place! Drafting Stools and Drafting Art Tables for art projects allow for a more specific angle and drawing surface. Medical Stools for hospitals or a nursing classroom are comfortable alternatives to standing during appointments. Workbenches for vocational arts and Industrial Stools pair well with Shop Tables. Take a look at the Industry Furniture here at US Markerboard and you won't be disappointed!

Computers can take up a lot of space and your computer could benefit from specialty Computer Workstations with Ergonomic Office Chairs for a better fit and more comfortable day at the office. Executive Office Chairs allow for comfortable seating options all day when researching or writing for long hours. CPU Holders and Wire Management for computers will keep your Workstation neat and organized. Laptop Carts, Presentation Carts, Projector Carts, and TV Carts work in any environment where travelling between rooms or on-the-go storage is necessary.

Privacy is a virtue every company wants to have. Room Dividers on wheels are great for schools, hospitals, and nursing stations. A Privacy Screen for hospitals and other rooms where privacy is needed blocks others' view of what is happening on the other side of the screen. Room Partitions, Quiet Dividers, Tabletop Screens, and Display Panels also provide functional privacy screens.

Take your pick of Furniture to begin building your room into a highly functional workspace!

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